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  • Mindy Raymond

Lawmakers may end film incentives in Texas

Today the Texas legislature will probe whether or not to continue giving film makers cash incentives for using Texas talent and crews.

Texas Motion Picture Alliance Executive Director Mindy Raymond says they're going to present their case today to legislators with more than just entertainment industry types. "We're also having people that own lumber yards and own restaurants and have bed and breakfasts. They all see the effects of when production comes to town." Raymond says every House and Senate district in Texas benefits from film production.

Raymond says the Texas film commission makes sure Texas people and businesses are utilized before any money gets disbursed. "We do not incentivize or give money to the Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolies' of the world." Raymond says film tourism is benefitting places like Lockhart and Bastrop.

Some see giving film incentives as a waste of money while other see it as a way to keep a non-polluting industry thriving against stiff competition from states like New Mexico, Louisiana and Georgia, which all offer attractive incentives. Raymond says incentives are a great investment for Texas. "They found it's a $5.55 return on investment for every one dollar that's granted to these productions or video game companies."

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