The Texas Motion Picture Alliance is a statewide non-profit industry advocacy organization for film, TV, commercial, online media, and video game creators.

We have led the charge for increased and improved incentive rebates legislation to grow the media production industries in Texas that help keep us competitive with other states.

TXMPA is proud to educate the general public on the history of the media industry in Texas and support a strong community of industry professionals.

Check out the link below for details for submitting your video clips for our PSA. 

Effective 06/03/2020, on-set/on-location media production may operate provided they can comply with state-recommended safety guidelines, as outlined in the Open Texas Checklist for Media Production.

As a non-profit organization we rely solely on the generous contributions from our members and sponsors to continue the advocacy and lobbying work on your behalf. Please join us today and be a part of bringing more work to Texas!

Lend your voice to the TXMPA and help us save our Incentive Rebate Program!


We are creating a video that features USER GENERATED CONTENT from media production professionals all over the state. Our goal is to demonstrate the diverse economic impact our creative community has across Texas. Animation, Education, Film/Video, Video Game - these are all the industries in demand and we want to represent them all!  


Help us tell that story with visuals you provide from your iPhone, your professional camera, or on a GoPro underneath the water! If you're in the media industry at any level - Make-Up artists, PAs, Directors, Game coders - we want to receive clips from you - you doing your job - every aspect of content creation. We want to show the people behind-the-scenes, as well as the audience and end-users in front of the screens.


The PSA will highlight the crucial economic impact that the Media Production Industry has on the state of Texas. The incentive rebates benefit not just the companies that create the content, but businesses and freelancers that rely on our industry to keep it going.


Examples of shots we are looking for:

  • Timelapses of sunrises/sets

  • Shots of downtowns (small towns preferred!)

  • City limits signs

  • Behind the Scenes - we want to see people in the act of creating. Coding, filming, photography 

  • People enjoying content - on any device, TV or computer

  • A camera assistant prepping a camera

  • A Make-up artist in action, helping an actor get prepared for their role

  • Some friends gaming on their consoles

  • An animator working in After Effects, or other program

  • A gaming coder working on some code

  • People in VR headsets enjoying some content


If your footage is shot on a phone, please make sure it's in landscape, or horizontal, orientation. Vertical video will be given a lower priority.  B-roll shots only. No testimonials to camera.

By submitting your footage you are agreeing to the following: 

This TXMPA PSA, (TITLE: 2021 TXMPA Legislative PSA) is being produced under the SAG-AFTRA Texas Regional Commercials Code.  SAG-AFTRA has granted a PSA waiver applicable to unlimited use not to exceed one year.  Payment for user generated content provided by performers is being waived under Section 8D of the SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract.  

No licensing fee will be associated with accepted footage, but all content creators will be featured on TXMPA website as a "Special Thanks!" 

Please send your footage and signed release (click HERE for release) at the best quality possible,

ideally, 1920x1080 HD resolution or better

Please email a link to the footage and releases to Greg Hughs at


For large files, please use WeTransfer, Dropbox, or similar service.


Any questions, email



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