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Why did we start this foundation?

The TXMPA was started by Texans in the entertainment industry who wanted to help grow the Texas film community and bring more projects to our great state.

From our humble beginnings, the passion and love of film, television, and gaming for our creator community is instilled in everything we do.

Our mission

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Our goal is to continually uplift our community of media professionals by growing the tax incentives and expanding TMIIIP to bring more films, television, and gaming to the state so that Texas can be a leader in media production in the United States.

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Our mission is to support Texas film and filmmakers.

At the heart of TXMPA lies a steadfast commitment to championing the vibrant tapestry of talented media production professionals within our Lone Star State.

Texans are proud of their state's rich history, diverse culture, and independent spirit, embodying the warmth, hospitality, and larger-than-life, can-do mentality that defines us. TXMPA is a community of Texans working together to foster an environment where we can tell our Texas stories, harness the boundless potential of our professional community, and forge a path towards a brighter future for all.

Texas is not just a filming's a way of life!

Paul Jensen
Executive Director
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