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The Texas Motion Picture Alliance (TXMPA) serves the film, video, interactive, and digital media production industry. 


TXMPA is the industry advocate before legislative, regulatory and judicial bodies, representing a robust community of professionals seeking economic and creative incentives for media work in Texas.  Through its programs and activities, TXMPA educates its members, legislators, and the general public on all forms of media production and the tremendous economic impact that production generates within the state. 

Founded in 2006, TXMPA is a not- for-profit 501(c)(6) organization and contributions made may be deductible as trade or business expenses if ordinary and necessary in the conduct of the taxpayer's business.


Executive Director

Paul Jensen

Born: Delaware

First Paid Gig: I was a PA in a Dukes of Hazzard film - yes, I got to ride in the General Lee.

Who inspires you? Walt Disney. He was a better dreamer than all of us. 

What does being on TXMPA board mean? Honored & humbled to represent our state's industry, and professionals and companies from all across the Lone Star State.  Proud of the organization - we've come a long way. 

Fun Fact: I used to be a pilot in the Navy.  I lived in Iceland for six months hunting Russian submarines.


Lobby Rep/ Interim President

John Schrimpf

Born: Dallas 

First Paid Gig: KXTX-TV to start a 10 year career at 2 local TV stations – so 10 years + 36 years at PV + 1 year freelance = you do the math.

Who inspires you? Rick Miller, gave me my first job.

What does being on TXMPA board mean? My duty to “Give Back” to the industry and try to promote Texas and jobs as well as I can.

Fun Fact: I shot sideline stills of all Dallas Cowboys games and made it to the NFL Films all time blooper reel by getting smashed shooting videos in a Cowboy / Eagle game.


Talent Representative/ Secretary

Trish Avery

Born: Tennessee

First Paid Gig: Actor in a Wendy's Commercial.

Who inspires you? The script writer, without the words, we are a blank page.

What does being on TXMPA mean? Incredibly grateful to serve on a board of like minds who share a big vision and see exponential growth for all business in Texas.

Fun Fact: I yearned to be Cartoon Queen June Foray. “Bullwinkle, that trick never works.” I’m taller than June, by a smidge.


Digital Media Representative

Ryan Hall

Born: Kentucky

First Paid Gig: Production Assistant on an indy feature called ONE MORE ROUND.

Who inspires you? Bob Iger

What does being on TXMPA board mean? I am deeply committed to doing whatever I can to ensure the groundbreaking productions, along with the irreplaceable talent working on them, stay here in Texas, and there is no better way to do that in my opinion than by working alongside the dedicated, selfless members of the TXMPA.


Film Commission Representative

Brian Gannon

Born: Sligo, Ireland

First Paid Gig: Producers Assistant

Who inspires you? Steven Soderbergh

What does being on TXMPA board mean? Being on the TXMPA board means being able continue to engage with state legislatures and stakeholders in order to keep Texas compensative. It means working to keep jobs, business and production spending in Texas.

Fun Fact: I can tear-down and rebuild most espresso bar and coffee equipment.

Vendor Representative

Kerry Valderrama

Born: Anacon Canal Zone, Panama

First Paid Gig: Commercial Actor

Who inspires you? Darren Aronofsky

What does being on TXMPA board mean?  It means being able to have the opportunity to try and make a difference for the city of San Antonio and the state of Texas.

Fun Fact: I was a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division.


Communications Director

Mindy Raymond

Born: Nebraska

First Paid Gig: Shoe model for Brighton.

Who inspires you? Reese Witherspoon: Powerhouse in all aspects and she does it with grace, confidence, beauty, spunk and never takes herself too seriously. 

What does being on TXMPA board mean? My mission in life is bringing more work to Texas. Through TXMPA I am able to do this and connect people in our industry.

Fun Fact: I was on the winning National Championship team for Speech at University of Texas. I competed in Poetry, Duo & Dramatic.


Crew Rep/ Vice President

Steve Belsky

Born: New York

First Paid Gig: Filming high school football (actual Friday Night Lights) for Austin Independent School District.

Who inspires you? For work ethic and humility: Tom Hanks. For the greatest film of all time: John Frankenheimer.

What does being on TXMPA board mean? Opportunity to promote/develop an industry that became my whole life.

Fun Fact: Once registered for train driving school.


Producer Representative/ Treasurer

Karen Hallford

Born: New York

First Paid Gig: 1975 for Chevrolet

Who inspires you? In a big name Meryl Streep. She has done glamour and as far from that as you can get.In Texas, I love Glenn Morshower.

What does being on TXMPA board mean? It has been a very rewarding experience. TXMPA is the bedrock in an industry that is fluid and fast paced. It means a lot to me personally to be able to support our members through education and making our industry wide connections. Our work with our State Legislators allows our industry to shine and illustrates contributions that we as a whole bring to the state. 


Video Game Representative

Manuel Delgado

Born: Venezuela

First Paid Gig: My first unpaid “job” in the videogame industry was in the early 80s. As a young teenager, I got my first computer, started programming, and dreamed about creating a videogame company. 

Who inspires you? Randy Pitchford, CRO Gearbox. Besides his undeniable business success, Randy is always open to possibilities, is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and it’s also an excellent magician! He paid his way through college as a magician and even got married in the Magic Castle magician’s theater in Hollywood.

What does being on TXMPA Board mean? I have been deeply impressed by the caliber of work we do in our state. As a TXMPA Board Member, my goal is to work hard, so more Texas creations see the light of day. It’s a privilege to work on behalf of the extraordinary professionals in the industries we represent.

Fun Fact: I can make a killer paella.


At-Large Representative

Linda McAlister

Born: Alabama

First Paid Gig:

Who inspires you? Worked in the snack bar at my dad’s drive in theater in Mineral Wells TX. My first real job in the industry was as a talent agent but working with my dad led me down this path.

Who inspires you? Mindy Raymond. She does it all, with grace, professionalism, and involvement in all aspects of this industry. And while raising two little boys with her wonderful husband. Impressive!

What does being on TXMPA board mean? My dad taught me early on that if I want to be successful in my business, I must be involved in supporting and growing my industry. TXMPA is one of the best ways to achieve this by educating our states leaders and legislators that our industry creates jobs and generates revenue. We would not have a rebate program without TXMPA.

Fun Fact: I have a 12 acre farm filled with 20 animals, mostly rescues. Its my other full time job!

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Founded in 2006, TXMPA is a not- for-profit 501(c)(6) organization and contributions made are are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.