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  • Mindy Raymond

Texas could lose film incentive programs

DALLAS — When it comes to producing big movie blockbusters, many in the lone star state want Hollywood to make movie magic in Texas.

“Texas is a huge state for bringing up these creatives and bringing up people in the industry when in comes to radio, television, film, as well as video game development.” said Mindy Raymond, Executive Director of the Motion Picture alliance.

Mindy Raymond says Texas in danger of losing out on gracing the silver screen.

“The name of the game right now is incentives,” Raymond said. “ We’ve seen it with Georgia, Louisiana, New Mexico, when they offer those competitive rates, that’s where the production is going to go.”

State law makers will consider a bill that would get rid of the state’s incentive program which Raymond says will hurt the Texas media industry

“Basically the way the program works is that it incentives people to come here and we offer a rebate on what is spent in Texas.”

Texas has lost some of that money to places like new Mexico, Georgia, and Louisiana.

“Georgia is huge right now on production. They’ve just been blowing it out of the park and they’re getting billions of dollars brought into that state, just simply by offering these incentives for productions to come.”

Raymond, who hosted a town hall Friday, says she is hopeful Texas won't call a wrap on this program.


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