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  • Mindy Raymond

Hell or High Water filmed New Mexico as Texas

David Mackenzie’s Hell or High Water doubledNew Mexico for rural Texas and has been hailed as a modern-day reinvention of the classic Western genre.

The film was written by Taylor Sheridan tells the story of two grown brothers who try to escape a life of poverty in rural Texas by carrying out a series of audacious bank robberies.

Cinematographer Giles Nuttgens has created a distinctive look with enticing open spaces, which he tells KFTV was inspired by “Taylor Sheridan’s writing about the relationships between the protagonists and their environment, which in this case was the drying up of farming lands and the poverty caused by the economic recession.”

The film is set in West Texas, but high production costs shifted its cast and crew to New Mexico, which is the most popular part of the US for desert filming locations because of its skilled crew base and generous incentive support.

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