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  • Mindy Raymond

Lights, Camera, Kyle!

A taste of Hollywood is coming to Kyle as a trio of television shows will film in the city and are scheduled to air in 2017.

It comes after the city in February adopted a resolution that identifies Kyle as “Film Friendly Texas Town,” according to Victoria Vargas, who works with the Kyle Department of Economic Development.

The three productions from the Shipman Agency, Inc. will be filmed on a family ranch located in Kyle. The executive producer for the shows is Stephanie Shipman.

Those shows include the seventh season of “Ammo and Attitude,” which is a competition between six all-star female sharpshooters for the Shot Crown.

The agency is also filming the fourth season of “The Right Stuff,” which is a show that pits six male contestants with military experience and outdoor skills against each other, along with “Shot to the Heart,” a brand new show which is premiering next year.

Julie Snyder, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce, was approached by the agency six weeks ago. The agency contacted the chamber regarding the use of Kyle local businesses in the three television shows slated for filming by the agency.

Shipman said the agency prefers to contact local chambers in each city where it films, so it can highlight local businesses and the area where the show takes place.

The agency, Shipman said, has filmed in locations all over the country. It has partnered with chambers in cities such as New York, Florida and New Mexico to highlight their communities for the program’s audience.

But the productions are not just about guns and shooting, but are more outdoor competition shows that may include challenges that involve shooting, Shipman said.

“We are very excited to have the Shipman Agency Inc. filming in Kyle,” said Snyder.

For the city, attaining the “Film Friendly” designation from the Texas Film Commission allows the city to be promoted to the film industry.

Vargas said Kyle has provided a backdrop for films such as “Secret at Arrow Lake” in 2009. Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse was at the Sage Hill Inn for a spot on “Good Morning America” in May.

“Anyone can film in Kyle as long as they follow the Film Friendly Guidelines adopted by council in February,” Vargas said.

But Vargas said not all productions have to submit an application with the city to start filming.

“If anyone wishes to film on private property (in Kyle), they don’t need to fill out the application,” Vargas said.

As for the future of film in Kyle, Vargas anticipates more films will take note of Kyle.

“We expect to see an increase in filming in Kyle in the coming years due to Kyle’s Film Friendly certification.”


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