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Call to Action Examples from the 87th Legislative Session

87th Legislative Session

Thank you for your time and willingness to help during this legislative session. Should you have questions/ ideas please email us at  


Is your Representative on the House Appropriations Committee? Click HERE to find out. If YES! Please follow the steps below.

  1. Email your personal Representative. Not sure what to say? Here's an idea.

  2. Download the graph to the right to highlight the correlation between appropriation and in-state spending. >>>

  3. Follow up with TXMPA to let us know that you reached out.

TMIIIP Graph Comparision.png

How great is our PSA? Thank you to Greg Hughs, Sara Beechner, Sam Parnell and all the creatives that helped along the way!

Now it's time to share this with your Representative and Senator! 

Here are the steps::

  1. Copy the link either from our website ( or YouTube (

  2. Email both your Representative and Senator (not sure who reps you? scroll down to see the link to find out)

  3. Share the great impact our industry has on our states economics and jobs. Need some ideas? Click HERE 

  4. Remember: If asked about a specific bill or piece of legislation, simply connect them with us. We are always happy to speak with our legislative partners to ensure the best outcome for TMIIIP and our industry. 

TXMPA_Tribune Banner 2.png

We are asking everyone to write a letter of gratitude to Governor Abbott, as well as your personal representatives. 

Governor Abbott Address:

Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Who Represents Me? Find your Legislator HERE

Tone of these letters are to be positive, grateful, optimistic and hopeful. 

Not sure what to write? Take a look at some ideas HERE


Floral Card

With over 148 Film Friendly Communities throughout Texas, we are thrilled to have so many support our Texas media production industry. Here is our Letter of Support that will be going out to all of our Texas legislators. 

Are you a Film Friendly Community? Please help share this letter with your personal legislator. 

Do you want to become a Film Friendly Community? Reach out to the Texas Film Commission to find out how you can become one and support Texas media production in your community! 


Filming Location
2021 TXMPA Infograph  (4).png
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