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Session is Wrapped! 

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Wow! What an unprecedented session! By now, you have heard the updates and if you need a refresher, please see "By The Numbers" below.

Call To Action

Please take some time to reach out to the following offices as they were instrumental in bringing us our most successful session to date! Talking points below. Click on the hyperlink in RED to locate contact information. 

Talking Points:

  • Personalize it with your name, city, what you do in the industry, and how this will greatly help your livelihood.

  • Thank you for supporting the Texas Media Production Industry! This session has been one of the best and we could not have done it without XXXX help and support.

  • With the funding we received, we are on track to have over $1Billion in economic impact on Texas. 

  • By supporting our Texas Media Industry, you support us by being able to tell our Texas stories here in Texas! We are able to successfully share our culture on a global scale. 

  • Thousands of people are positively affected thanks to the funding for the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program (TMIIIP). I appreciate your support. 

Thank you to the following:

  • The Big Three

    • Governor Abbott and First Lady Abbott- they have been continual supporters of our industry. First Lady Abbott takes time to attend events and said her priorities this session are the film and music industry. We received a great deal of support from them!

    • Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick- At the beginning of this session, Lieutenant Governor said in a tweet, "After dinner, I gave Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan a tour of the Senate last night. He is one of the best screenwriters & storytellers of our time- a Texan who gets Texas. My goal is for Taylor to move all of his production to Texas. Together, I think we can get it done." And he did just that! With record funding, we feel confident Taylor and many of our Texas storytellers will be able to tell their stories here. 

    • Speaker Phelan- he continues to support our industry and helped move other legislation forward, like the elimination of the population requirement for our Media Production Development Zone Act.  

  • Chair Persons 

    • Senator Huffman- As Chair of the Senate Finance, she was instrumental in securing our funding of $155M in the Supplemental Budget and Authored many of our bills that passed.

    • Chair Bonnen- As Chair of the Appropriations, he was instrumental in securing our funding of $45M in the Texas State Budget.

  • Legislators

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