May 12, 2020


Our Texas government is working hard to open Texas businesses in a safe and responsible manner, and this unparalleled situation has resulted in some significant questions about when our film, television and commercial productions can resume operations... and how. We at TXMPA want to communicate timely and accurate information to our members, so we've been working closely with the Texas Film Commission and industry representatives across the Lone Star State to try and get some clarity. Here is what we know: 

As many of you are aware, Governor Abbott initiated Phase 1 of the 'Open Texas' plan on May 1st. While the Governor is implementing protocols for certain businesses to re-open, at this time, on-location film, television and commercial productions are not included as Phase 1 business sectors encompassed in the Governor's plan to Open Texas. We do not yet know which phase of the Open Texas plan will address on-location production activity, but any and all production representatives are welcome to contact the Texas Film Commission at 512-463-9200 or for any updates, as available.

Phase 1 of 'Open Texas' is applicable to business establishments and their customers in the following categories: Retail, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Museums & Libraries, Places of Worship, Outdoor Sports Facilities & Single Person Offices.
In accordance with the protocols outlined in Phase 1 of the 'Open Texas' plan, ALL employers will be required to: train employees on appropriate sanitation techniques, provide health screenings for employees upon arrival at work, practice safe distancing measures, provide hand-washing and sanitizing stations and materials, and to suggest the use of masks and face coverings.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of Phase 1 measures and forthcoming announcements pertaining to Phase 2 of the 'Open Texas' plan, are expected to take place on or about May 18th. For additional reference, the Open Texas plan can be found at:

Additionally, the industry's Labor Management Safety Committee, which is composed of guild, union and management representatives, is immersed in ongoing discussions with medical and science experts at a national level to determine recommendations on updated set safety procedures and protocol. These recommended procedures will be coordinated with AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers), so we anticipate updated uniform guidance to eventually follow.  

As always, TXMPA is humbled to represent our industry here in Texas. We're constantly amazed by the professionals and companies that we get to support - and we're inspired by your stories of resilient innovation.  This pandemic will inevitably change our industry moving forward, and we're here to support our industry in the Lone Star state as it marches at the front of that innovation. 


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